Curtains; Drawn Back: By Seth Dombach

In the ever present dying light

Of another evening come to pass

Under the last glow of the setting sun

We find ourselves in the wondrous vision

Of the grand scheme of it all

Watching as the clouds change

From white to pink to yellow to blue

And the hush falls


The sky opens up to the darkness

And one by one distant stars and planets appear

Reminding us yet again of the vast infinite

That we swirl around

The troubles of the day are dashed upon

Distant light that has travelled at times

As ancient as us


When the curtain has been drawn back

We are exposed to the majesty

Tiny vessels born up from vast womb of the universe

Placed upon this spot to bear witness

To ourselves in all our forms

And the eloquent poetry of life

Unfolds for us like a flower greeting the sun

When we think on this awe

A tendril of the universe reaches down

And connects with us between the dark

And we communicate with one mind

As we all are one

From rock, to tree, to human, to star

And we ebb and flow between time

Always the same, always togetherDSC_0009

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