The Happy List #1


I’ve grown tired of seeing so much negativity on a daily basis. I’m going to start posting things from my happy list. Which is better I think than a bucket list because happiness can’t be found or sustained via some grand exhibition but rather in the small things that we cherish and are of personal value to us.

Happy List #1
I’ve always loved to watch birds. As long as I can remember it’s been something that has filled me with great wonder and happiness. I think it has something to do with the length of freedom that they symbolize. How they can just go wherever they please whenever they like with little to no care about their surrounding world. It’s that sense of freedom that I try to incorporate into my self. To quote Whitman ‘I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable‘.
They are such beautiful little creatures that come in so many different shapes and sizes and they are each unique and special in their own ways.
I spend large blocks of time just quietly observing them and I never try to burst into their world if I can help it. I can remember once a long time ago that an Oriole got its foot caught in a rug my parents had on the front porch. So I knelt down and spoke calmly to the bird and untangled it. And the bird let me hold it for a few brief moments before taking off once more. It was was an impression burnt upon my memory and I can still picture it so vividly now all these years later.
In regards to birds on my happy list, I think nothing compares to the majesty of a murmuration of starlings. This incredible dance of hundreds of birds at once that is so precise and moving both literally and figuratively. The ebb and flow of the birds as they soar high and change course in an instant is truly and awesome sight. And in those moments when I see them I am transfixed at this display. It reminds me how beautiful the world is.


What’s to be said about what has been said over and over again? Another day and another tragedy. It’s only a problem when it is a mass, when people die every day. Welcome to the church of violence and prepare for the bullet communion. Stay tuned we have 24/7 full coverage, with up to the minute updates. Look! From this angle and you can see where the blood splattered on the ground. Let’s close in on a close up of the dead and dying. Let’s take it all in. And through the tears and the madness we order our grande pumpkin spice latte and bitch about how long it is taking because these minimum wage assholes can’t get our order right the second we bark our NEEEEEEEEEEEDSSSSS. And yet we need good guys with guns, guns with good guys. Guns don’t kill people, people with guns kills people, and people with knives kill people, and people with bombs kills people, and people with hands kill people, and we kill and kill and kill. And wait let’s hold a vigil for the fallen but that’s taking it far enough because to focus on the real problem takes too much work and we are already too tired from crying.


We want change but don’t want to change. It’s so easy to be outraged and that’s just dandy. The American dream with a finger on the trigger, the trigger warning, but look let’s watch as a city too far away from us to care is bombed back to oblivion but that doesn’t matter because it is too far away. We have borders for reasons to care less to hurt less because those people aren’t yet our children. It’s time for the Hollywood biopic, the book deal, the smash hit single waiting to play between Katy Perry and the wacky dj with the fart machine. A moment of silence is but a moment and then it’s back to that fucking asshole who didn’t go right away when the light turned green. Makes you want to hurt them, if only you had a gun. So let’s pop more pills to still the demons, so we can show up to church on Sunday and call someone a faggot on Monday. Keep putting band-aids on band-aids until the problem can’t be seen. Sweep it under the rug till the kids find it and blow themselves away. Gotta stay true to the red, white, and blue anyone not for us is against us. Don’t like it get out of MY country and find a new one to pull yourself up from your bootstraps, let’s put a boot in the ass of the earth, and nuke the planet, till there is nothing left but a husk. Remember us by the blackened craters left on the face of the world.


Until then, let’s watch the TV and let them tell us how to think, and let’s shed a tear for another group of people until we are able to start forgetting it until the next time. If we pretend it doesn’t affect us, we can go to sleep happy and worry about it for another day.

Walkin’ and Talkin’ 1: Pine Grove

Well holy shit has it been a long time since I’ve posted here. Life’s been pretty hectic and I’ve been lax on posting anything. I’ll try and make some more content for this site for anyone who still may be reading or watching here.

I want to bring you guys into what I’ve started working on. A series of hiking/camping videos I’ll be making in which I take you along to some of my favorite spots and do some talking about life and other general thoughts that may pop into my head. I hope you enjoy it!

Some Quick Thoughts on the Universe


This is a long one so hold on tight: The next time you visit the beach, think on this: Take a handful of sand back with you, just one handful, and lay it out on a table. Now count each individual grain of sand. Most likely it will take you all day. Now think about how many grains of sand would just one stretch of beach. Too many to ever count. As the brillaint Carl Sagan said; there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand in all the beaches combined on Earth.

For perspective, look at the first image I’ve attached to this post. We can see so many stars from where we are, but that is not even close to the amount in our own galaxy. Our Sun is the closest star to us and even it is over 93 million miles away, and so big we could fit a million Earths inside of it. And yet, the biggest star we’ve observed, Y Canus Majoris, is so much larger than the sun that it would take a plane flying 900km per hour over a thousand years to circle it just 1 time. Now in the second picture, those are not stars. Those are galaxies. Hundreds of thousands of them, just in one dark spot in the sky that the Hubble took a picture of. There are hundreds of BILLIONS of galaxies in the observable universe. So vast, so large is our universe that it is hard to even fathom. But we could only be 1 of infinite multi-verses. Nothing is more truly awesome and humbling as that. But, the only thing that may trump that, is that we are made up of the universe. The same elements in the stars, comprise us. We as a species seek so much to find meaning, to look for more to life than just what we have at this moment. To be rewarded in one of the many afterlives we’ve been able to think up on our time on this planet in this form. Having ego, makes the self think that it is seperate, to truly believe that we are unique wholly, and therefore must continue on in this same form after our bodies perish.

But what if that is just us coming to terms that this form of ourselves is mortal? We seperate ourselves from everything, from the rocks and trees, to the animals, even to the pigmentation of our skin. But observing the fact that we are made up of the same elements and are not seperate but IN and OF the Universe, why should we not BE the universe as well? What if everything that happens in the universe, we are a part of, because we are it? This stage of self is only experiencing life in this manner. When we die, we transform back to the elements, but we don’t disappear. In one way you can see it as reincarnation. The universe itself is in a constant reincarnation, and from death, life springs. We would not be here if not for the death and birth of stars. It is not only inspiring, but it is needed, that we think on these things while we have the chance to ponder them. These lives we live are so much like those grains of sand in terms to time in our universe. Let us strive to go further, to know more, to be kind to each other and the lives around us, because really we are all the same, we are all one, and we will remain that way eternally.