Ready for Fall?

all photos by Kloipy  (Seth Dombach)

Like many people I am fed up with the heat of this summer. My favorite season has always been and always will be Fall. The crisp air, the color, the bittersweet feeling that fall tends to have. All reasons I love the season so much. Fall is almost like the twilight of your life, the end of the world before it grows cold. The season brings on a reflective feeling to life along with the harvest.

So here’s to you Fall! I can’t wait to see you again






The Shawshank Redemption Review

I’m going to assume that everyone here has seen the movie so I don’t feel the need to reitirate the plot I’d like to focus more on the lasting effects and meaning of the film. In a way this movie has had it’s own redemption. It came into theaters with obscurity and was quickly rushed out even against critical acclaim and oscar nominations. However, once the film found it’s way to rental it became an almost instant classic. Ask most film fans or just general audiences alike to name some of their favorite films and it’s almost assured that Shawshank will fall somewhere on that list. What is it about this quiet film that touches people so deeply? Continue reading

The Woman: Film Review

Just when I thought it couldn’t get more offensive than ‘Dead Girl’, here comes Lucky McKee’s ‘The Woman’. Ugh.

‘The Woman’ is the story of the Cleek family and a decision made by the patriarch of the family that changes all of them forever. Some of them will learn open their hearts and to let love soar again. Ok, no, that doesn’t happen at all. What does transpire is an excessive amount of ‘here’s my message’ interjected with exploitative nudity and violence. Continue reading