Walkin’ and Talkin’ 1: Pine Grove

Well holy shit has it been a long time since I’ve posted here. Life’s been pretty hectic and I’ve been lax on posting anything. I’ll try and make some more content for this site for anyone who still may be reading or watching here.

I want to bring you guys into what I’ve started working on. A series of hiking/camping videos I’ll be making in which I take you along to some of my favorite spots and do some talking about life and other general thoughts that may pop into my head. I hope you enjoy it!

13 thoughts on “Walkin’ and Talkin’ 1: Pine Grove

  1. That was lovely, Seth! You know what I enjoy even more than hiking? Sitting on my ass in the comfort of my home while watching someone else hiking. 😉 Seriously, though, I hope you do more of these! Nice to see you posting something on here again. 🙂

  2. Great Video Seth……I like walks like that myself in nature all the time by myself…….you are lucky that you have mountains in PA…I live in Michigan where the glaciers flattened everything down…boo hoo…great view

      • Deal bro…that would be awesome ..had a grandfather who owned some land near the mountains and visited there at a cottage when I was very young …it was beautiful…

    • that’s awesome Kim! If you are in my area sometime let me know! I’ll take you to some cool places and if you need a free place to stay, we have a nice large couch in the basement

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